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This page has photos sorted by State and I am building pages to show Music Jams for each State as we travel.

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Welcome to our RV Travel Page. Here we share our experiences while traveling.
We will be travelling from May 1, 2017 to Sept 25, 2017. The plan is kinda like below but plans change.
From Tucson, AZ to Fl, GA, Tennessee, Virginia, Maine, Quebec City, Canada, IL, SD, Vernon, BC, Canada, and back to Tucson. About 15,000 Miles
We will be posting photos and video on this site on the links above as we travel.
Update November 2017 As of November 15, 2017 we are back on the road again leaving Tucson to Augusta, GA then off to Umatilla, FL for December 1st.
Presently we are at The Olde Stream RV Resort just on the outskirts of Umatilla, FL for the winter months. Nice and close to all services.
Click HERE to follow our Photo Album of this resort as we spend the winter

May 1, 2018 We left Umatilla, FL and spent a month in Augusta, GA and presently we are in Bristol, TN for the month of June.
Plans are to spend July in VA and NC then off to BC Canada to see family and back to Umatilla by the end of September.
We are presently (Oct 1, 2018 to April 2019) in Umatilla, FL for the winter.

Olde Mill RV Resort, Umatilla, FL

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We have developed the maps that we use during our travels and we are sharing them to those who may be interested.
Western USA Road Grades Map
Eastern USA Road Grades Map
Western USA/Canada Bridge Clearances Map
Eastern USA/Canada Bridge Clearances Map
Western USA/Canada Grades and Clearances Map
Eastern USA/Canada Grades and Clearances Map
Combined Complete USA/Canada Grades and Clearances Map

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