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Our Travels in North America. Sr Fox and Cheryl
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We travelled from Belledune, NB to QC via Hwys 11-132-20
We visited Quebec City (Old Town)while staying at Camping Transit just across the river from Quebec City in Levis. It was an easy and cheap Ferry ride to the city. This was one of the most memorable stops on our 2017 trip. Worth spending a few days.

Here is what Cheryl noted about this visit:
Woke up to overcast skies, but the forecast is for it to clear, no rain and temps of 77 degs, so we are headed to Quebec City.
We drove down to the ferry in Levis. Parked the truck and took the ferry across the St. Lawrence River to Quebec City. All I can say is, WOW! The minute I stepped off the ferry, I thought I was in Europe. The narrow, stoned streets, the French Renaissance architecture, magnificent statues, fountains and flowers every where. The streets were narrow and dotted with side walk cafes, art shops and souvenir shops. The city is steeped in history.
A wall goes around the entire "old city" fortified by the British after the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in 1759. The original wall was built by the French in 1620-1665.
There are two beautiful churches. #1 Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, the first Anglican Church, built in 1804. #2 Notre Dame de Quebec, Roman Catholic Church built in 1843. Both breath taking.
There is a beautiful fountain, Tourny Fountain, that sits just outside the magnificent Parliament building. There are 8 floors to the building with multiple towers, some reaching heights over 170 ft. It is built in the architect of the second empire of Europe, as most prestigious buildings were built during that era. Construction spanned from 1877-1886. Quebec was under British control at that time. The Parliament Building closely mirrors Philadelphia City Hall of the same era.
After much sightseeing, we stopped at Pub L'Oncle Antoine for lunch (4:00PM). French onion soup to die for and split a 9 inch pizza, very, very good. We eventually made our way back to the ferry, across the St. Lawrence River and back to our RV, exhausted but fulfilled. An amazing city, that is, without a doubt, the high lite of the summer trip.

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