The Foxes' RV Travel Log

Our Travels in North America. Sr Fox and Cheryl
We hope you enjoy this information and these photo slide shows as we travelled.
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We wintered our rig in Tucson, Arizona for the last 4 years while we spent the winters in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We left it at A Familiy Discount storage at their location on Camino Abril just South East of Tucson. Wonderful management and never had any issues.
More coming

This year we drove towards El Paso on our way to Augusta, GA
Stay tuned for more photos of this trip
In November this year we drove towards El Paso as usual on our way to Augusta, GA

Crazy Horse RV Park, Tucson, AZ

Tra-Tel RV Park, North Tucson, AZ

Prince of Tucson, North Tucson, AZ

Mission San Xavier Del Bac, AZ

May 1-4, 2017 Tucson to El Paso, TX

Nov 16, 2017 Tucson to Van Horn, TX

Sept 15, 2016 Las Vega to Tucson, AZ

Sept 12, 2015 Vegas to Seligman, AZ

Sept 13, 2015 Seligman to Prescott, AZ

Sept 14, 2015 A Day in Prescott, AZ

May 1 to June 1 2015 Arizona and Texas

Sept 15, 2015 Prescott, AZ Sunset

Sept 17, 2015 Prescott to Tucson, AZ

Sept 18, 2015 Tucson Sunset

Sept 20, 2015 Tucson Sunset

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