The Foxes' RV Travel Log

Our Travels in North America. Sr Fox and Cheryl
We hope you enjoy this information and these photo slide shows as we travelled.
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We have visited New York State twice in our travels. Once in 2015 when we travelled the East coast and again in 2017 when we passed through on the very North end of New York State.
We travelled up the East Coast and passed through New York this year crossing the George Washington Bridge. $84 Cash for our rig. $21 per axle.

We visited briefly in 2017 and stayed at Youngstown, NY while visiting friends in Niagra Falls, Canada. We did go see the falls at night however it was very foggy on the Canadian side so we did not get to see much. We have been there during the day in the past and it is worth the trip to see them.
We also stayed at Oneonta, NY while passing through on our way to GA.

Niagara Falls North / Lewiston KOA

Susquehanna Trail Campground - Oneonta, NY

Aug 15, 2017 Colchester to Youngstown, NY

Aug 17, 2017 Niagara Falls, Canada

Aug 18, 2017 Niagara, NY to Bullstown, WV

July 6, 2016 MD to CT via New York

Chesapeake Bay Bridge via Dashcam - July 5, 2016 1280 HD

July 6, 2016 New York Bridges

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