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Our Travels in North America. Sr Fox and Cheryl
We hope you enjoy this information and these photo slide shows as we travelled.
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We have visited Virginia multiple in our travels. We love the mountains, the music and the people.
We stumbled upon the Floyd area from info we got at the Tourist info stop on the Interstate while passing through this year. We detoured and fell in love with this area. We came back in 2017 and plan on spending a lot time here in 2018.

We stayed at Chantilly Farms Campground again this year. Wonderful owners and right in the middle of all the music action. The downside is very poor cel reception and only on Verison (which we don't have). The upside is the park has very good WiFi. Be sure to go into Floyd for the Friday night music.

A "Don't Miss This" place is Wildwood Farms just a few miles out of Floyd. Lots of music action and events. Say hi to Sue when you go. She is a wonderul lady who hosts some of the best music events in the area.

Another of our favorites and possibly the best of the best as far as we are concerned is Goose Point COE campground. A beautiful park with wonderful hosts. No WiFi but real good AT&T 4G/LTE service. The upper campgroud is tight however we managed to fit our 38' 5th Wheel. The lower campground has more room and si a bit more bit rig friendly. This campground is also within reasonable driving distance of many music venues.

Stuart Virginia is another music hub in the area with a yearly Wayside Bluegrass Festival. The campground, though though kind of rustic looking seems to be good. We plan to try staying here in 2018 and will report. We did attend the first evening of the festival in 2017. This was kind of a pre-event show but was a good taste of what was to come.

We spent about a month in this area.

As of May 15, 2019 we are in this area for about 3 months and will keep updating

We love to find music jams or picking porches and get-to-gethers. Below is a listing of the Jams that we have attended or know of:
Note: These Jams may be seasonal. Please check first.


The Cove Ridge Center
Natural Tunnel State Park
Musid Jam the 3rd Sunday each month at 2:00 PM
Band plays at 4:00 PM
Call or visit for a current schedule

Floyd Street Jams
Every Fri on Main St. at about 6 pm
There is also live Music in the Floyd Country Store
Contact: Email Fox

Wildwood Farms General Store
A fun time on the Pickin Porch
Every second Sunday at 1:00 pm
See Website
Also free live entertainment every Saturday night.
Contact: Email Fox

Hicks Friday Night Jams
Every Friday at 6:00 PM in Nickelsville, TN
Famous for years and generations of history here.
Bluegrass and Country Music for the last 20+ years
We have attended this for the last three years (2017,2018 & 2019
Another very friendly and welcoming group
They serve hotdogs and the best Peach Cobbler.
Google Maps

Thomas Village Community Center
Cecel B. Quilien Dr.
Duffield, VA
First, third and fifth Thursday Nights
Call or email for details Larry P

Crooked Road General Store
6292 Gate City Hwy
Bristol, VA
(276) 644-9958
423-782-0254 Marla Edwards
Music Show every Monday night at about 6 pm
New 2019! Bluegrass Circle Jam at 6 pm in the Store.
Call first to find out if they are jamming or if it is show night.

Stafford's Music Store
1320-D Memorial Blvd S
Martinsville, VA
A great venue right in the Music Store.
Every second Saturday at 11:00 am till ??? call first to confirm
Very friendly store owners and jammers.
Google Maps

Hardee's Restaurant
933 Ferrystone Parkway
Stanley Town, VA
A great venue right in the Music Store.
Every Tuesday at 8:00 am till 1:00 pm
Google Maps

Billy's Mountain Music
Fairystone Park Hwy
Bassett, VA
A great venue in a burned out old building. (remodeling in progress)
Every Sunday at 2:00 pm till 5:00 pm
Google Maps

Fieldale, VA
We had heard about a music jam here every Friday at 1:00 pm
We drove out, no music and nobody knew anything about it.

Chantilly Farm Campground and Concert Venue

Street View to Chantilly Farm Campground
From Hwy 221 Floyd Hwy N via Hwy 681 Franklin Pike SE

Goose Point Park - Virginia

Wildwood Farms General Store

June 26, 2016 Floyd to Colonial Beach, VA

June 22, 2016 Ashville to Radford, VA

Dashcam to the Blueridge Mountains

Woolwine, VA to Floyd Hwy 681 uphill

Dashcam June 22, 2016 Asheville to Radford, VA

June 23, 2016 Radford to Floyd, VA

June 23, 2016 Floyd, VA Walkabout

June 24, 2016 Floyd, VA by Night

June 23, 2016 Blue Ridge Parkway with Dashcam

June 25, 2016 Floyd Farmer's Market

June 25, 2016 Floyd Country Store Music

June 26, 2016 Floyd to Colonial Beach, VA

June 27, 2016 Alexandria, VA Washington, DC

July 14, 2017 Another Floyd Friday Night

July 12 Day Trip to Stuart, VA Bluegrass Festival

Wayside Park Bluegrass Festival Day 1

Wayside Park Bluegrass Festival Day 1-2

July 10, 2017 Floyd, VA to Ferrum, VA Photos

Dashcam Hwy681-Hwy860-Hwy 40 to Ferrum, VA

July 11, 2017 Floyd Va to Galax VA

July 11, 2017 String Bean Coffee House-Galax, VA

July 15. 2017 Wildwood Farms General Store

July 16, 2017 Wildwood Farms Car Show and Jam

July 16, 2017 Wildwood Farms Music Jam

Dashcam to Orchard Lake Camp, Saluda, NC

June 2018 Hicks, Nickelsville, VA

June 11, 2018 Crooked Rd Gen Store, VA

June 15, 2018 Hicks Friday Jam, VA

June 15, 2018 Hicks Friday Jam Photos

June 22, Hicks Friday Jams, Nicklesville, VA

June 29, 2018 Bristol, TN to Philpot Lake, VA

June 30, 2018 Staffords Music Martinsville, VA

July 2018 Goose Point, VA

July 6, 2018 Fieldale and Floyd, VA

July 8, 2018 Billys Mountain Music, VA

July 13, 2018 Floyd, VA Music Jam

July 13, 2018 Dashcam Hwy 8 Woolwine to Floyd, VA

July 14, 2018 Wildwood Farms, VA

July 15, 2018 Floyd, VA to Boone, NC

July 15, 2018 Dashcam Floyd, VA - Boone, NC

July 29, 2018 Natural Tunnel State Park, VA

July 29, 2018 Natural Tunnel State Park Music Jam

July 29, 2018 Natural Tunnel State Park Photos

May 17, 2019 Hicks Jams, VA

May 31, 2019 Hicks Gospel Jam, VA

July 9, 2019 Crooked Road Store, VA

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